Sunday, November 30, 2008

Roman Holiday

Last night and today I watched Roman Holiday. As a short summary its about a princess who sneaks out of her castle to see what the real world is like. As she falls asleep by the side of the street, a newspaper writer comes across her and, not recognizing her, decides to pay for her to take a taxi home. Seeing she is not fit to travel by herself he decides to take her to his apartment for the night. The next day, after he discovers who she is he decides to do a story on her and takes her around Rome to wherever she wants to go. Well, they eventually fall in love and... well I won't write the end. Anyway, here is a cute scene in the movie i'd thought i'd share.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time to Decorate!

Doesn't everything look nice?

Of course there's these guys but its OK we set it up so that they can't do any major damage ha ha.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A weekly picture

I've decided to share a Norman Rockwell painting with you once a week. I love his paintings and hope you do too!

(oh and why I chose this picture...when I was really little, this picture was hung up on a hallway in my grandparents' house. When I would occasionally walk by it, I would always stop and admire it, wondering what the girl was thinking and liking the fact that though it looked like a real person, there was a loud show of personality that showed on her face. Anyway, thats why I chose this picture.)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Trip To the Mountains

It was our third day in Mexico. We (my group) had all gathered at the church in Queretaro around seven, and piled onto the bus, bundled in sweatshirts and jackets our host families had given us for the freezing mountains. "Very Cold!" "Mucho Frio!" they said when we protested on their kindness. We smiled and thought, guess they never visited New York in November! We put our jackets and lunches on the cabinets above our seats, cameras in hand, and when we were all settled, started off! Headed down the highway and waited impatiently to get to the mountains we'd been anticipating for. We went bus surfing, slept, and looked out the window (which included seeing a horse on the bed of a truck.... a moving truck.) We got to a small city (or large town), where we stopped to switch buses. The smaller bus we transferred to was not as comfortable as our bus...the light came through dirty windows, and we had to squeeze into the double seats with our jackets and lunches piled on top of us. We drove across the flat terrain seeing a mountain here and there, nothing really, except that blue hue looming ahead of us. That of course was the mountains, dark, blue and beautiful. It seemed to take forever to get there when up we went! The road narrowed and the barriers on the side of the road didn't seem like much help as we looked down the shear drop edge. Higher and higher we drove until we came level with the clouds. The sun seemed to shine brighter and the colors of the sky and terrain seemed to become louder. After about a half and hour of taking in all the beauty we turned onto a narrow, steep and bumpy dirt road... with shear drops and no barriers. After laughing at the comparison of it to my driveway, we reached a little house with a huge view where some residents were setting up a church. The church was four walls of brick, with cutouts for windows and an entryway, with a cement floor and a tarp for the roof. We parked the bus, and feeling the 80 degree air, took off our layers and put them in a dark room, The room looked like a sort of pantry with lopsided shelves and bags of food. We met together out front, and started to hike up the mountains to tell people of the meeting. After about 30 seconds, I started to feel the outcomes of the 10,000 foot elevation and quickly took out my puffer. We walked from house to house, (little thrown together shelters built into the mountains) telling people some Spanish phrases we were taught to say. We admired the view and the independent people who supply for themselves and were glad to meet them. We did, however, stay away from the numerous, greasy, sick looking dogs that approached us. Well, everyone but Cotter, who pet a little puppy that looked cute, but well, like the other dogs. I told Cotter why he probably shouldn't pet the dogs, and he flipped out wiping his hands vigorously on his pants. Anyway, we took a team picture and started to head down the mountain, noticing that while we were exhausted, a little boy (11 or 12) was roding his bike up and down the steep road without even a heavy breath. Boy did we feel like beached whales! We got back to the little church and ate our lunches. Then I met....the bathroom. The bathroom was a dark room with old cement walls, brighter with the light off than with that dull light on. It had no door, just a curtain, in which the whole time I prayed that no one would walk in. Oh the idea! The floor was all wet and there was a big bucket there for the water dripping from the roof. In the bucket I noticed that someone had accidentally thrown their toilet paper in it and I was relieved that I wouldn't be the one to take it out. The toilet was like a toilet without the seat but twice as wide, wet and with no flusher. I'll never complain about an American toilet again! We had the meeting, which was great, then had a dinner with the residents that came, and we gave balloons and candy to the children. Finally, we got our stuff, and after I used the dreaded toilet again we got in the bus and headed back.

Well that's the story for the day. I'll try to write again soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A New York Moon

Oh and by the way I thought I'd share more about my trip with you! I'll start tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There is so much I could say about Mexico, but I don't know where to start. I could talk about how the mountains were beautiful and the garbage was not. I could talk about the old 1960's bugs that are everywhere and how every city has its own color of them (Pachuca..white,, Mexico and yellow taxi's). I could talk about the beautiful house we stayed in in Queretaro and the...not so we stayed at for the day in the mountains. I could talk about the famous soccer player (no I mean futbol player) we stayed with and also the family who lives a quiet, simple life. I could talk about the old pyramids and the new(er) Hard Rock Cafe. I could talk about how nice the people were and how ashamed I am of my arrogant nation. I could tell you how excited I was to get on the Delta Airlines flight 481 to Mexico and how sad I was to get on flight 484 to New York (Nueva York actually). I could tell you how beautiful the rich, colorful, warm sunsets were, and how the pure, cool sunrises were. I could tell you how great I felt with no allergies in the high altitudes and how out-of-shape I felt in the high altitudes. I could tell you that the Pachuca Pastes were delicious and that the Inn Sur's (in Mexico City) restaurant's questionable eggs were not so much. I could tell you of all the inside jokes that were created on this trip and also the times that I wished I could get away. I could tell you that I love it down there and thinking of the colleges, and also how much I am glad to be home and that I fell in love with New York again. There is so much to write about Mexico, but I don't know where to start.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yesterday morning, when I woke up, something was different. I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something in the air that I hadn't felt in a while.... like a yummy drink which you haven't had in a long time. Then I heard the the excited, shrill squeals coming from around the house. "Snow!" "Its Snowing!" "Mom can I go outside?" "Snow!" Sure enough, as I looked out the window I could already see snowflakes (not just any the real big ones) and the valley was covered in white mist. The sky painted with a winter grey. Already?